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My publications

"The Restorative Obsession of Shostakovich’s Violin Concerto No. 2" - in Modeling Musical Analysis, Oxford University Press - forthcoming

"Tonal Analysis of the Integrated Sound Track: Music, Sound, and Dialogue in Baby Driver" - in Music Analysis and Film: Studying the Score, Routledge Press - forthcoming

"Death By Tchaikovsky: The Metric Spell of a Metadiegetic Sorcerer" - Journal of Film Music, 2023  (link)

> The videos for this article can be found on my Black Swan page

Key Constellations: Interpreting Tonality in Film - University of California Press, 2023

> See My Book page for details

"Holst’s Planets, The Final Frontier: Interplanetary Voyage as Intrapersonal Escape" - Intégral, 2023 (co-authored)  (link)

"Tugging at Heartstrings: Bittersweet Harmonies in the Classic Hollywood Love Theme" - Journal of Film Music, 2022 (co-authored)  (link)

"The Communist Walküre: Eisenstein's Vision for Marrying German Wagnerism with Soviet Communism" - Journal of Musicological Research, 2021  (link)

"Review of David Neumeyer's Meaning and Interpretation of Music in Cinema" - Journal of Music Theory, 2019  (link)

"The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) during MRO’s Primary Science Phase (PSP)" - Icarus, 2010 (co-authored)  (link)

"HiRISE Data Processing and Standard Data Products" - Lunar and Planetary Institute Science Conference Abstracts 38, 2007 (co-authored)  (link)

"Does Mars Have Flowing Water?" - in The Size, Composition, and Surface Features of the Planets Orbiting the Sun, Rosen Publishing Group, 2006  (link)

"Does Mars Have Flowing Water?" - Astronomy, 2004  (link)

"Currently Flowing Water on Mars" - Lunar and Planetary Institute Science Conference Abstracts 34, 2003  (link)

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